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I would love to help you design a beautiful, unique (and affordable) book cover for your next story. Each cover is made based on your input. If you don’t have a specific idea, and if you feel comfortable with me reading your manuscript (in whatever capacity it’s in) to pull possible cover ideas from the main story. It does help to hone in on a perfect design. I achieve these cover designs from stock photography, my photography, numerous media (hand-drawn pen and ink images or watercolor), and other photos manipulated through Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator programs.

I will work with you and offer suggestions, even submit mock-up thumbnails, so you can see the visuals to ensure we’re on the right track to ensure you have that stunning, one-of-a-kind cover that stands out on any bookshelf.

Once hired, we will discuss your thoughts and ideas on what you would like in your cover. The turnaround time could be a few days to two weeks. Some covers are more complicated, so naturally, it will take more time, but I will be in constant contact to let you know how the design is progressing. We will figure out the best schedule that works for you.

I have designed covers for Evan Bond, Patrick Delany, and myself. I would love to add your name to this growing list. Please view the previous covers under the GALLERY tab.

To get started on your cover, email me at, and we can discuss your next best-seller. I look forward to working with you soon.

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