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Hell Night in Hopewell

The seven were just looking for a paranormal experience, but what they found was far worse than anything they could have ever imagined…
The Hopewell Sanatorium has plenty of history for a group of local actors to explore on their night off the stage. Once a nationally recognized tuberculosis hospital and then an asylum for the mentally unstable, Old Hopewell has long been a source of urban legends, and its spooky, abandoned hallways are perfect for the theatre group to get some Halloween thrills.
But what the seven friends don’t know is that they’ve just encroached on someone else’s territory. And he is ready for some Halloween fun of his own...

Advanced Reader Reviews

“The title is fitting as Hell rears its sinister head and unleashes itself on a
group of actors in the depths of Hopewell Sanitorium. Jones builds the tension
perfectly as you get to know these characters and grow to connect and identify
with them, but when the blood started flowing, I was locked into this
entrancing and horrific tale. This is horror of the highest order."

--Lee Bagwell, Screenwriter of Into My Own Hands and The Lives We Lead)


“What a ride! Very fun, violent, snappy dialogue,
back and forth banter with a dash of messed up evil goodness.”

--Chad Farmer, Writer/Director of Cecil's Girl


“Let me tell you; this one is a barnburner.
This is a straight-up bloody, horror bonanza
that any true fan of horror will devour.”

--Alex J. Knudsen, Author of The Nawie and The Disappearance at Devil's Churn