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Wofford Lee Jones did an incredible job on the back cover design and lettering for Charred Remains. I came to him with only a front cover, and he blew it out of the water. The attention to detail cannot be overstated. Jones also worked on the lettering for my book After Death, crushing it again. The simple design of fitting the back matter into the design of the art was such a nice touch that it brought out the detail of the cover itself. And the fully custom art designed by Jones for my Kindle Unlimited exclusive story, A Vision of Death, was nothing short of incredible. Since Jones knew the story well, having read the first book, he came up with the idea for the shattered scythe on the cover and helped the cover tell its own story. And the beautiful watercolor design really makes the cover stand out and catch your eye. I am not exaggerating when I say I want Jones to design my covers from now on!

--Evan Bond, author of Charred RemainAfter Death, and A Vision of Death

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