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These are the books I have written so far and the anthologies I am featured in.

Hell Night in Hopewell


The seven were just looking for a paranormal experience, but what they found was far worse than anything they could have ever imagined…

The Hopewell Sanatorium has plenty of history for a group of local actors to explore on their night off the stage. Once a nationally recognized tuberculosis hospital and then an asylum for the mentally unstable, Old Hopewell has long been a source of urban legends, and its spooky, abandoned hallways are perfect for the theatre group to get some Halloween thrills.

But what the seven friends don’t know is that they’ve just encroached on someone else’s territory. And he is ready for some Halloween fun of his own...

Off the Beaten Path D5.jpg
Off the Beaten Path


There are many paths in life we all travel. Some lead us into the light, but others lead us down an ever-dimming pathway into darkness. Take a walk with me, if you dare, down a winding trail in the woods – and perhaps we might stray off the track along the way. In Off the Beaten Path, you’ll join a couple on their hike and soon find that one of them is hiding a terrible truth—and is willing to go to horrific lengths to keep it that way. In Stranded, you will cross paths with a man who can’t quite rid himself of an itch he has developed. Frostbite allows you access into a strip club at the edge of the woods, where two patrons find out first-hand one stripper’s deep, dark secret. In Ten-Penny Nailed, you’ll wander deep into the forest, where one high school student has devised a plan to stand up to the school bully. Walk along the desolate sands of a moonlit beach in The Scuttling with two teens who have been warned that the beautiful setting hides a deadly danger. In Rage, a minor traffic violation sends one man down darker highways than he could ever have imagined. And Dead Bait drops you into open water with two fishermen who aim to catch that legendary ‘big one’ by any means necessary—even if they die trying. Let us wander into the darkening forest together and see what secrets lurk just off the beaten path…

Soul Dreams copy.jpg
Soul Dreams


Edward McDaniel has never been part of the popular crowd; in fact, he is pretty much shunned by his peers, forced to go through his high school years as a loner. He is privately—and at times publicly—humiliated as part of a running gag with his classmates. One summer afternoon, Jeremy Taylor takes one of these pranks too far and Edward drowns in a boating accident. Right before Edward breathes his final breath, he makes one last urgent wish: to live on. The wish is granted, to a certain extent, but only by capturing his soul inside a mysterious amulet Edward’s grandfather had given to him before passing away.


Eighteen years later, Tyler Curtis moves to the city of Silver Ridge. Knowing no one, but able to make friends easily, Tyler is quickly pulled into a new circle of friends. Through a chain of events, Edward’s amulet finds its way into Tyler’s possession. After partying with his new friends, Tyler is in an extremely bad car accident and finds himself making the same wish as Edward: to live on. Tyler’s wish is also granted, but the power of the charm releases Edward’s soul into Tyler. Using Tyler’s body as his puppet, Edward takes Tyler on a trip through madness as Edward seeks out each of the classmates that made his life a living hell while he was alive. Edward takes revenge to a whole new level, and Tyler finds himself right in the middle of it all until it comes down to the final confrontation between Edward McDaniel and Jeremy Taylor, the man who caused his death.

Gore, A Halloween Anthology


I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Poe Boy Publishing's anthology with Don't Turn Your Back on Halloween. It is the lead off story for this collection. Below is the synopsis for the book.


A trick or treater's sadistic night of fun. A killer's thirst for online celebrity. A group of survivors on the run from the undead. A witch hunt gone terribly wrong. In this collection, explore the twisted, disturbing imagery and delightfully disgusting tales of visionary, up and coming horror writers. Discover the terror of GORE.

A Poe Boy Publishing Halloween Anthology.

GORE 2, A Halloween Anthology


A ghost hunter's terrifying night in a legendary cemetery, a drunken voicemail that leads to a shocking discovery, these tales and many more bring frights to the haunting season.

Volume 2 of the Halloween anthology series from Poe Boy Publishing focuses on ghost stories.

With contributions from renowned writers such as:

Vanessa Krauss, Wofford Lee Jones, D.A. Schneider, NJ Gallegos, Derek Deutsch, Graeme Parker, K.T. Gore, Evelyn Barouch, Ann Wuehler, and Greg Patrick

206 Word Stories


An anthology of 206 word horror stories/flash fiction.

Bag of Bones Press wanted 206 words, one word for every bone in the human body. You only have so many words, so these authors have to tell their stories quick. I have no doubt that this collection is going to viceral. Look for my story A Comforting Touch within these pages.

All profits from the sale of this book in 2022 will be given to children's charities in the UK.

For adults only.

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