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Hell Night in Hopewell

          Near the edge of town, the remains of the Hopewell Sanitarium stand abandoned in the fading twilight. Old Hopewell, at one time, was a nationally recognized hospital that treated patients with tuberculosis. With the way it looks now, combined with all the urban legends and the history surrounding the hospital, it is the perfect setting for a night of exploration.

          Having Halloween night off from performances at their community theatre, seven friends decide to spend part of their night searching the haunted rooms of the decrepit facility in hopes of some sort of paranormal experience.

          But deep within the bowels of Hopewell, another entity is already wandering its empty hallways. This individual knows this facility all too well and is waiting for anyone who is brave—or stupid—enough to enter his domain. He has some late-night Halloween tricks up his sleeves for the unlucky trespassers and some treats to show them as well. He’s looking to make this the best Halloween ever…one for the record books.