REVIEWS FOR: Off the Beaten Path


This time around Wofford has written a collection of eight short novellas, all with a foot in various aspects of horror.

Jones has done an excellent job crafting realistic, and likable  characters. I want to mention

the second story, Stranded is a nice body horror story with some truly uncomfortable moments. 

Matthew Vaughn, Author of Hellsworld Hotel and The ADHD Vampire


This is just all so gloriously creepy! You play with the reader’s emotions so well.

Emma O'Connell, Editor (on the stories: The Scuttling and Ten-Penny Nailed)

These stories are so captivating, I couldn't put the book down!

Wofford Lee Jones is a masterful story teller! Bravo! I love the cover art too. It draws you in, just like the stories.

Steve Hodgson


I LOVE THIS SO MUCH – what a horrible (and I mean that with all my compliments) story.

It’s in some ways a very simple premise but you breathed so much life into the simple interactions

between these characters. I was totally immersed. One of the things I really love about your writing

is how you pick up on the dumb but very real conversations we tend to have in daily life.

This just feels like some of the most realistic dialogue ever! It’s great!

Emma O'Connell, Editor (on the story: Off the Beaten Path)

Ten-Penny, a gruesome success story and a must read for anyone thinking of being a bully.

Wow! How you described that transformation...unbelievably believable.

Jeff Van Dyke (on the novella: Ten-Penny Nailed  and Stranded)

REVIEWS FOR: Soul Dreams

It's a behemoth of a novel that is thought-provoking, at times shocking and ultimately emotionally cathartic.

Alex J. Knudsen, Author of The Nawie 

Soul Dreams is incredibly engaging and masterfully written.

It is a wicked fresh take on possession horror filled with relatable characters and shocking twists.

Kevin Woods, Screenwriter/Producer of Survival, Producer of Exhibit A-7

This book left me shook.

Alexandra Hernandez

A well-written revenge thriller peppered with the supernatural.

Matthew Vaughn, Author of 30 Minutes or Less, Parts 1 & 2

Jones creates a story that you just want to keep reading.

He really does a great job at painting a picture that you can see, touch, smell, and hear.

Alex Pearson (Instagram Reader and Reviewer)

The descriptive words put you right in the story.

The character and story play out in your mind to the point you don’t realize you are reading words on a page!

Rochelle Griggs (Reader and Reviewer)

A fun ride with some cool thriller revenge moments and the battle within ourselves and our souls.

Chad Farmer, Writer/Director of The Apology and Seek Refuge

In haunting detail, Wofford weaves a story that takes a journey through the supernatural

yet feels firmly rooted in a reality that will shudder you to the core, all while pulling at your every emotion.

Lee Bagwell, Screenwriter of Into My Own Hands and The Lives We Lead


Thoroughly entertaining. I’m impressed by his writing style.

Gokul Nath G (Instagram Reader and Reviewer)


Scared me to the end.

Kim Fowler, Instagram Review

One of the best books I've ever read.

Deborah Arledge

BETA READER REVIEWS FOR: Hell Night in Hopewell


The title is fitting as Hell rears its sinister head and unleashes itself on a group of actors in the depths of Hopewell Sanitorium.

Jones builds the tension perfectly as you get to know these characters and grow to connect and identify with them,

but when the blood started flowing, I was locked into this entrancing and horrific tale. This is horror of the highest order.
Lee Bagwell, Screenwriter of Into My Own Hands and The Lives We Lead

Let me tell you, this one is a barnburner. This is a straight up bloody, horror bonanza that any true fan of horror will devour.

Alex Knudsen, Author of The Nawie

What a ride! Very fun, violent, snappy dialogue, back and forth banter with a dash of messed up evil goodness.

Chad Farmer, Writer/Director of Encounter and Cecil's Girl